AdMob Consent does not appear in DevMode

AdMob is not working properly. A test advertisement is displayed, but no previous privacy policy is shown, nor does the revoke.consent button have any effect. “personalized result” always shows true. What am I doing wrong?


The docs says:

So maybe, it’s a bug? Did you try it in Companion? :thinking:


I tried in Companion, with .apk, with deinstallation of the app and re-installation, with erasing all tinyDB-Data and so on. When I uncheck Test Mode the kodular notification (not approved) appears.

Fact: Whatever I do, the consent persists as “true”. I am using AdMob Banner.

Admob Rewarded Videos is working without problems and I see the consent message and if I make the same with Banner, then I can’t see the consent message. I tested both in Companion. :thinking:

Can anyone help, who uses admob banners (in European Union)? :slightly_smiling_face:

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