Admob consent message doesn't work after publishing on Google Play


search function is currently not working caused by an internal server error, so I can’t use it… :slightly_smiling_face:

I published my app yesterday to Google Play and I’m using Admob Rewarded Videos in my app:

I registered my device as test device in Google Admob (Test Mode is disablead in Kodular) and I can see test-ads on my test device without any problems! :partying_face:

Here my problem:
The Admob consent message is not showing up at the first app start. Even not when the app load an ad. I even tried the Revoke-Consent-Block. I’m living in European Union, so I had to see this message.

Has anybody an idea why this happend? :thinking: Personalized advertisment is activated in Google Admob. Is this caused by the test device or is this a general bug (since new kodular version)?

I will test this as soon as possible on non-test-devices.

Many thanks for your help! :slightly_smiling_face:

It could be that since your app is now connected to the Play Store, the consent is now taken over by the Play Store setting.

But this is only a guess.
Can you see ads in non-test mode?

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Thanks for your answer!

It works on “normal” devices :grinning:

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