New AdMob blocks request

Hello! I want these blocks to be added because sometimes when my application is initialized I get 2 consent dialogs (AdMob Banner + AdMob Interstitial), being a user from the European Union, it is annoying + that the application developers have to add a button to remove the consent, according to the admob rules, this is not possible in Kodular, only through Revoke Consent but it only resets the consent, does not refuse it (from the first).

These blocks can present a danger to the ads of the kodular developers in everyone’s applications, but can be solved by simply displaying only non-personalized ads.

As I write this, these blocks are present on the AppyBuilder website.

I want to stay on the Kodular platform because the developers are doing a great job but if that doesn’t work out, I’m sorry to say so but I think I’ll move to another platform. Thanks for your time.

The user only should choose If he wants personalized ads and not the app developer!
Thats the reason why we dont have this blocks like AB


Then how do I solve this?

Let user attempt both consent

This is not a solution

We have a solution in mind.
I’ll get back to you if it can be implemented.