Permission to access this object denied Firebase

Ok check that or mine

Both are Not working


So check this website for Android Manifest

Actually i am also facing one more issue
when i live test it tells me to enable permission in settings
And if i try to build it fails to build

Can you give me its apk file

I am unable to build it!!!

Could you test it with your Firebase

So please give aia file

Firebase.aia (3.0 KB)

I will do something

But I want to know that are you building a camera app

Thank you for your efforts to help me out

But please tell that what are you building?:thinking:

Now I think that you should rename the google json file(1) to google json file

So it will be correct as it occurred with me also

I just wanna upload image in Firebase storage and and save link in Firebase DB
And i have experienced same issue with Firebase DB.
If you could help me out on that too
It would be so nice of you

I said to rename it to above mentioned and again upload that and delete the old one

i don’t think file name i a problem because it’s just a name but let me try

Yup i was right no effect

So please refresh your page and then report

Mmm…doesn’t that take me to the community?

What do you mean??

I clicked on report an issue and it redirected me to the community