Permission to write external storage denial

I am using shown blocks on initialization of page where the app asks for permission to write the external storage. But it denied every time. I have tried all the methods available on internet and even took the help from chat gpt but nothing happens … i am testing the app on android 11 version. Can anyone help me on this!!! … thanks in advance…

There is no longer a WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission on Android 11+ and also no READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE starting from Android 13.

:upside_down_face: What did you ask?

Then how to allow app to get those permissions?

The permission does not exist anymore, just remove to ask for write permission

What kind of files do you want to store? Audio? Video? Images? Text files?

Se also Some basics on Android storage system


It could b any type of file … like on watsapp one can share any type of file and it get stored on external storage after you download it.

I don’t quite understand what you want to ask either.
if we are talking about the fact that permissions are required, then as described above, something is no longer relevant. in any case, before making a request for permissions, it is necessary that it be present in the application manifest. for your part, it may be easier to use this extension: [Free] auxiliary utility - #4 by 11119

you will put your requests in the list. the extension recognizes the SDK version and suggests those that are supported