Permissions please block sudden change

@pavi2410 is this a bug or a feature?

I think it’s a Big, because I have a permission problem

I tried with 3 ways

And when i Open compiled app it closes and gives me this error

(Obviolsly i tried 1 opción at time, inside onScreenIniti block)

More likely an i18n issue, but I’m investigating it.

Which components have you used in your project that requires GPS? That would help a lot

We inherited this bug from MIT AI. The fix for which is already on the upcoming major update.

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Correction. The isString? method seems to return an incorrect result, because it is not possible to connect the permission block to trim:


So until this bug is fixed, ask for permissions like this (before):


It’s going to be fixed with the major update. We’re very sorry for that!

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Fine, and please take a look at the bugs with the File component, which I mentioned many times.

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Same, it’s going to be fixed with the major update. It uses the enum blocks to bring the concept of various File Scopes as seen on AI.

Do you have test AIAs handy?

File.aia (704.2 KB)

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Hopefully not with the same bugs as AI2. :wink:

… and please do not introduce the DefaultFileScope like AI2 did. :pray:

It works great now.

File(1).apk (5.9 MB)


This is actually on the roadmap. Why is it bad?

Here is just a small selection of links / my posts I’ve made on the AI2 forums.
(I have pointed out these bugs / issues countless times):

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… and last but not least this one:

Interesting, the app does not declare any storage permissions in the Manifest:

Of course, as of API 19, these are also not required in this case. However, if you want to copy / move / save to one of the Shared folders, storage permissions must be declared in the Manifest.

I’m curious how this will be implemented.

So can I continue to request permissions in the traditional way? Because I don’t understand how exactly this variable is used

Was an old GPS extensión. Deleted and problem solved. AdvancedLocation something

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