Permissions with new Target API 33

Hello, I have a drawing app which saves .JPG files to the app directory and then show them inside the app.

It was working fine until now, but if I target API 33 as Google ask now, there is a problem with the permissions since they have changed.

Until now, I have not declared any permissions and the app works fine, when it need to save a draw, the permission ask itself.

But now it seems you should ask specific permissions, I have tried these but always an error message appears when I open the app


As there is explained here I asked READ_MEDIA_IMAGES but none of them works.

I searched in the forum but find no answers about these new permissions, someone has an idea?

As you can see, it does not really make sense to target sdk33 manually, because also the behavioral changes must be implemented

In your case probabliy it will work, if you add that new permission also in the manifest of your app

@pavi2410 something to consider…


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If the users install my app outside the playstore, there will not be futures problems if I leave as it is now in Kodular? at least until there is a correct solution implemented.

Edit: I tried what you just told me declaring in manifiest “READ_MEDIA_IMAGES” and now it ask me correctly when I open the app the permission, and the draw is being saved correctly in the files (I´m using the Canvas “Save as” option), but is not showing the image in the app (I use the File tools to see if image exist and Dynamic component to update them).

And the error message appears anyway “ERROR 908: READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE”

thanks for your answer

Sounds like something probably needs an update…

You could build in Kodular to target the old sdk 31, extend the deadline as explained here

and upload your app into Google Play

Your project is a nice example to demonstrate, that it does not make sense to target sdk33 manually


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