Personal Christmas Card App

Personal Christmas Card

Send the Best Personal Christmas Greeting Cards directly from your Android device. Download now this 100% Free Christmas Cards app on your smartphone.

This App Contains:
** Custom Fonts
** Color Picker for Text
** Thames

This free Christmas greeting cards app helps you send the most appropriate and thoughtful eCards to your friends via WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Mail or MMS or any social network installed in your device.

Send wishes of Christmas is now too easy with this greeting cards app.

Christmas is just near and don’t forget to send fun and joyful Christmas greeting cards to all your friends & family member.

Merry Christmas!! Happy New Year!!

AIA file (Not Sharable)

Not able to pickup image from gallery

I installed it from playstore

I like to try out apps created with Kodular, so that I can get inspiration for my small creations.
Unfortunately your app, in addition to displaying the error already reported by user @Mohd_Younis , has caused a major bug during uninstall on my Samsung Note 8, sending inexorably in crash the uninstall service. The only way to uninstall the app was by using ADB:

# adb uninstall in.comtechmobi.christmascard

By the way… I was curious and I investigated more deeply: you are using a too large and too heavy image as icon (1520x1441px - 1.3MB). The dimensions are absolutely excessive for an icon. If you really want to exaggerate with the dimensions stop at 256px.

All images you are using are not optimized: using a simple online service such as can reduce the weight of images by more than half, without noticeable loss of definition.

Then… you are using some fonts that are distribuited with a license “Free for personal use” (ex: Lourino). The message font for personal use only is displayed in the app simply by entering a few numbers as “name” and choosing Lourino as font. You have to be very careful with the fonts that are distributed with this kind of license. Personally, I don’t think that an app published on Google Playstore falls within this context, even if the app doesn’t involve any earnings. The least you can do is ask the author (I’ll save you the trouble for the Lourino font: you can’t use the font in apps published on the Playstore because you need a license to embed the TTF font in the APK package).

Just a few tips:

  • Reduce the weight of images;
  • Reduce the weight of the fonts (Google is your friend), but use these techniques only for fonts licensed to create derivative works;
  • Make sure you have the rights to use the assets that you want insert into your apk;
  • Don’t joke about copyrights and stuff like that. An when you’re in doubt, ask the author.

Amicalement, bye.


Thanks for your advice.

As per advice I did. Now problem is same. Do you have any solution???

I fixed the alll Bugs
Please Download Version 1.1.6

I used free Commercial Fonts

Yes, much better than the other version :slight_smile: The size has decreased by almost 4MB! The app has toujours some problems with the responsive layout, but I’ll leave you to the forum gurus (anche the search option) to figure out how to fix it.

Unfortunately the bug during the uninstall on my Note8 is still present: maybe it’s my smartphone that is resistant to Christmas greetings. I don’t really know (and I haven’t a logcat). Currently I can not try it on other devices.

Buona giornata!

which extension you use to write over image

Use a layout and set whatever you want as background image.
Then add into the layout a text label.
Thats it

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