Phone Authentication OTP Problem after uploading it on Google Play

Describe your issue

My is that When I am using my app on my phone without uploading it on google play it works perfectly but when I published it on google play it does not send otp and does not verify me phone number.

Expected Behavior

I want to send OTP and if number is in his mobile number It will automatically verify the otp else It says to enter OTP in the TextBox.

Actual Behavior

It does not send otp and show a notifier that says Wrong OTP.

Show your Blocks

I can not show my blocks because Its my School app.

Android version

Every Android Version.

App Link

GSAS Academy

Please Help me fix this problem.

For Test

If you want to test this app then enter 1234567890 Number and Select class 10th Section B and If it says to enter OTP then enter 123456.


Have u tried checking everything… keystore, package name e.t.c the moment you upload in google store?

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Yeah I have checked everything.

Google doesn’t allow direct calls to other people. You have always to go via the standard phone or text apps. Upload to Amazon may fix it for you.

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Well, i will let you know. I have the same features you have, and soon to be uploaded in playstore. I will test it and back here for updates

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Have you checked ?


Please help me brothers I am under so problem.


hii. Can I try your app ?

no otp sent by Firebase & Please delete my I’d from you database …

Yeah you can

But you want to come in personal chat

is their any priority of taking SMS Sending Permission.

Please Help me to fix it.

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if you are facing problem then you can use ifttt for otp sms verification

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I know why this problem comes because every project have same Keystore SHA1 Key

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I don’t think so… May be you are right so thats why i provide you the alternate of that. Use it 100% working…

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Why every project have same keystore and SHA 1 and SHA 256 and Serial Number also.
I know this is the biggest bug in Kodular system in whole time.

Why do you say that? How do you proof this?


Wait for some time I will give you Keystore of my some projects that are same.

Same question again… Why projects having the same keystore is a bug? How do you proof this?

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you can check it with your projects also.