Phone Call Component Call Ended Event Problem

Hi Everyone

I am using Phone call extension. After Phone call ended event i can’t able to do anything.
can anyone try and help me please.

Thanks in advance​:blush::blush:

Please elaborate.

while giving some tags in Call Ended event they are not reflecting.
in picture i gave Label3.text to label2.text but the label 2 text is not reflecting in label 3 text after call ended.

Try do it to see what both get number variable returns. If first one returns the correct value and second one returns null, store first value to a global variable and use that value on call end.

I tried but it’s not working. i cannot able to get the number. i think the event has a problem. can you please try and let me know.

Send a demo AIA

Email(1).aia (3.3 KB)

Thanks. Let me check.

ok i am waiting for your reply

Hi, I tried to find a solution but it seems call ended event is not getting triggered.

Yaa i also faced the same issue :cry:

I’ll run a few more checks. If I get a solution, I will post it here, and if find event not triggering issue (it seems like that as of now), I’ll raise a ticket.

ok sure. thank you so much for your help​:blush:

I have tried same project in MIT App Inventor. it worked. i imported the same project in kodular and its throwing error that phone call maximum version is 2. i am attaching the image below

I think your app is not having permission’s , so enable it and then try…Hope it works :grinning:

Phone call component takes permission by default. And one of the event is triggering and the phone call ended event is not triggered.
That’s the problem it’s not permission issue

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Is this problem solved?

No not yet! waiting for update

@Kodular do you have this bug on your bug list?

I confirm what Nikhil Kumar wrote. I tried on MIT App Inventor it worked. See you when the bug fix. It’s important; I’m waiting for the update to be able to develop the app.

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