Phone Info app aia file for kodular

Description: This aia file made in makeroid or kodular and we can create a mobile info app or phone info app with this aia file. The app has a simple splash screen with dynamic loading arrangement. The app shows the full info of our mobile. The App shows the following Information:

  • Brand Name
  • Android Version
  • API Version
  • Model Name
  • Hardware

Also, The app detects the following Sensors:

  • Fingerprint sensor
  • Gyroscope sensor
  • Light sensor
  • Location sensor
  • Gravity sensor
  • Temperature sensor
  • Screen Orientation sensor
  • Accelerometer sensor

The app has reload button if any information change and also have the simple exit button. By studying this app we can create such app in app inventor, Thunkable and Appybuilder

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Note: Please give attribution link ( when aia file used in any other website and Youtube channels. To upload on play store no attribution link is required.

nice app but improve more ul