PhoneMaker Simulator

Hello, everyone!
Today, I am very proud and happy to introduce PhoneMaker Tycoon !
I’ve been working on this project since Makeroid’s relaunch, and I’ve spent a lot of time since then.
This is probably one of the biggest “games” created with Makeroid.

:grinning: Introduction:
You run a smartphone business.
You can create your own smartphone from A to Z, to earn money by selling it.
You will need to do more research to unlock new components for your smartphone (coming soon) and do marketing campaigns to boost your sales.

:white_check_mark: Features:

  • :ballot_box_with_check: Automatic game saving, and possibility to restart at any time
  • :ballot_box_with_check: Business Management: Money, Fans, Day, Profit …
  • :ballot_box_with_check: Smartphone creation: Design, Name, Processor, Memory, Screen, Photo, Battery, and more
  • :ballot_box_with_check: Marketing: Boost sales through various advertising campaigns
  • :ballot_box_with_check: View your already created smartphone
  • :ballot_box_with_check: Choose your design between 7 handcrafted design (more incoming)
  • :ballot_box_with_check: Beautiful material design
  • :ballot_box_with_check: Regular updates

:gear: To-do:

  • :heavy_multiplication_x: New processors become available, and old ones disappear

  • :gear: Research: Unlock new things to incorporate on your smartphone

:iphone: Screenshot :
See on Makeroid Store HERE

:warning: Warning:

  • As you can see, many things are still unavailable, and will come in future updates.
    For the moment, there is no difficulty: everything is unlocked.
    You can already test the game and make a feedback so that I can improve the game.
  • I do not guarantee that current games will be compatible with future updates

:inbox_tray: Download :


The game is in beta ! Please give me feedback here !_
Latest version: 1.3 (24/07/2018)
Download now on Makeroid Store :
→ I can’t update my app on Makeroid Store for the moment

QR Code to download on Makeroid Store :

Or go to this link to download the apk directly :

:clipboard: Changelog:
1.3 : 24/07/2018

  • New font (Poppins)
  • Updated all logo with the new font
  • Global interface improvement

Smartphone creation:

  • All new name input dialog on creating smartphone
  • New “Next” button on Creating smartphone SETUP (FAB button)

Smartphone management:

  • Added marketing button on selling smartphone
  • If you don’t have any smartphone already created, the “My Smartphone” will show you a button to create one.

Others :

  • Updated app credits (About screen)
  • The game is now compatible with Android 4.4


  • The “More detail” crash should be fixed :blush:
  • The progress bar of the creating smartphone is reset each time the Game Menu screen is opened.
  • Press the back button on Create Game screen was closing the app
Older versions

1.2 21/07/2018
By far the best version of the game!

  • Marketing is now avaible: Boost your sales by buying advertising campaigns
  • Your fans instantly buy your new smartphone the day it is released
  • There is now a space every 3 digits on each silver text, for better readability (Thanks @Kanishka_Developer)
  • Smartphone production cost lowered: a sale was never profitable (the price can now be higher, and the impact on sale are lower). The price a now closer to the reality
  • Improved the smartphone selling algorithm: they now sell faster, and to the end
  • The research page is here! (but not yet functional!)
  • Choose the background of the game menu in Settings!
  • Option to go directly in the game menu when the game is launched
  • Interface change in Game menu !
  • Added loading dialog for each screen change (it takes some second on slow phones)
  • Bugfixes:
    • If you open settings from the Game Menu, you will return to the game menu when you exit settings.
    • The smartphone was not sold at the defined price, it is now the case
    • Lots of other mistakes

1.1 : 20/07/2018

  • Wrong variable displayed for “Day sold”
  • A all new “My smartphone” page ! You can now see all details and characteristics about all the smartphones that you have created !
  • 4 new processors
  • Deleting cards in the sidebar
  • Removed admob
  • Fixed toast notification of time change (pause & time speed) : the text was white on white background
  • Smartphone sales algorithm enhancement
  • Bugfixes

1.0.1 18/07/2018

  • Adaptation of the interface for smaller screens
  • Added loading windows for actions that can take seconds on slower phones
  • Reduced application size (now 9.3 mb)

1.0 18/07/2018
- Initial release.

Keep in mind that the game is not finished!
Don’t forget to give me your opinions/ideas to improve the game and to give me feedback !
I would be very happy if you leave a positive opinion here
(if you have a problem, tell me, I will fix it)
Have a nice day!


Sure, I’ll increase the limit to 20MB as it’s the maximum allowed by the builder :+1:
Give me a few hours

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Thank you so much! I was a little frustrated that I couldn’t publish my application correctly:)

very cool, keep up the good work

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Thanks :slight_smile:


Estava testando o seu aplicativo o seu aplicativo e na hora de criar meu smartphone notei que o layout estava meio desencaixado, você definiu o layout como responsivo?

Se não, isso pode resolver.

Contudo gostei muito do layout, ficou muito bonito.

– Moto G2, Android 6.0, tela 5"…

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Gracias por informar de esto.
Mi teléfono es 18:9 así que no me di cuenta de estos problemas!
Probaré la aplicación en 16:9 para hacerla compatible:)

Thanks for reporting this.
My phone is 18:9 so I didn’t notice these problems!
I will test the application in 16:9 to make it compatible:)

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Update : 1.0.1
Changelog :

  • Adaptation of the interface for smaller screens (thanks to @Soft_Darsh)
  • Added loading windows for actions that can take seconds on slower phones
  • Reduced application size (now 9.3 mb)

Download now on Makeroid Store !


I’ve updated the limit now :+1:

New Limit: 25MB


Thank you !
it will be useful for me for the following :slight_smile:

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Seems very similar to this app I discovered a few months ago:


which extension you used for creating sidebar?

You’re right I got the idea for this application right after testing this one
That’s why it looks a lot like this :slight_smile:
I would also like to try to make a real design editor like on this game.

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It’s native on Makeroid

what you mean is it available in makeroid ?

Yes !

There is a block on every screen to place a linearLayout as sidebar

ótimo, funcionando perfeitamente agora, obrigado.

Seu jogo é muito bom, com apenas um lançamento já conquistei vários fãs :smile:, estou gostando disso.

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oh and i made apps by creating sidebars now i got it thanks.

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Thanks !
I will add more content soon :slight_smile:

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