PhoneMaker Simulator

Seems very similar to this app I discovered a few months ago:


which extension you used for creating sidebar?

You’re right I got the idea for this application right after testing this one
That’s why it looks a lot like this :slight_smile:
I would also like to try to make a real design editor like on this game.

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It’s native on Makeroid

what you mean is it available in makeroid ?

Yes !

There is a block on every screen to place a linearLayout as sidebar

ótimo, funcionando perfeitamente agora, obrigado.

Seu jogo é muito bom, com apenas um lançamento já conquistei vários fãs :smile:, estou gostando disso.

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oh and i made apps by creating sidebars now i got it thanks.

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Thanks !
I will add more content soon :slight_smile:

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I downloaded it and it’s great. Keep up the good work! Just a suggestion, remove the Cards from the Sidebar, just the Cards no Labels or anything.


i used your app and it shows stock left and days i cant understand what is it?

When you sell a smartphone ? Screenshot ?
I plan to add a tutorial soon :slight_smile:
A big update is in preparation:)

I’ll try that, thanks :slight_smile:

Awesome game :heart_eyes:! Really fun to play
PS: I also have a suggestion that you should remove those cards from the side menu and that unnecessary FAB that works similar to the above menu button.

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Thanks you!
I’m really glad you like the game!
New products are coming very soon !
I’ve taken your suggestions into consideration but I don’t think I should delete the FAB button because on large screens (like mine), it avoids having to click all the way up!
(maybe today)

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Clicking More Information on the smartphone card throws a RunTime Error. You should perhaps try to customize the Screen.BackClicked procedure… The game itself is COOOL.

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The error appears when you click on the “More details” button?
On both phones on which I tested the game I had no errors, even when I click back with the open dialog box (nothing happens)
I already customized screen.backpressed
Thanks for your support :slight_smile: A big update is coming (today or tomorrow)


Strange it closed the app when I tried on my phone earlier.

Good job on the game. :+1:

Yeah, there are some weird problems on some phones.
On the secondary phone I’m testing my application on to make sure it’s compatible for smaller screens (Galaxy Alpha with Resurection remix), as soon as I want to change the speed of time, the application crashes:( while it doesn’t happen on other phones

Apart from that, I finished today’s update:)
I will now test everything :slight_smile:

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