PhonePicker / ContactPicker - No Return Value

Describe your issue

ContactPicker and PhonePicker don’t return any value.

Steps to reproduce the issue

  • Add ContactPicker and PhonePicker anywhere in your app.
  • Grant “Contacts” permission.
  • Try to return selected contact/phone number.

Android version

  • Android 6.0.1
  • Android 8.1

Show your blocks?

I didn’t post blocks because I didn’t do anything. Just I used for debugging.

Read again the “error” message exact.

I added this error messages because the two components have no return value on the event.

But I selected contact and phone number. Do I need to do another thing?

You can use the event for do anything you want after the selection is done.
But you can not use the “selection” value. That’s it.

But as I said above. This two components have no return value on the “After Picking” event.
That’s the reason why you can see the “error” message.

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Ok, so “selection” value is useless for now.

Yes. Useless only for this two components.

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