[PHP] Breadly - The missing backend for App Inventor apps (beta)

Yeah, I realized it’s not that easy to set up a Laravel application so that’s why I made the hosted version.

It’s easier to get started, but there are some limitations, like no customization of the web site, no extending by modifying the code / adding modules, you’re basically limited to (default) API only, as all subdomains share the same code (but different database)… and for more serious players who want everything under their control there is still option to host it on your own server.


Hello my dears,
The links above are no longer working. I’m also looking for a way to use PHP to access my website and my Redis server.

Does anyone know this and can tell me how to write a php script to store sortset, hash etc?

Hello thanks for this.
can you more explain what this? This is backend for app inventor?

It’s a PHP web application, pretty much similar to Wordpress, but not the same. It doesn’t have web front-end (some would call that a headless CMS), all it provides to you is a REST API which consists of an authentication system and basic CRUD operations for database tables. It doesn’t even have a database structure (like Wordpress has with categories, posts and pages), it will come with a users table to store user data for authentication, and a couple of other tables to make web admin panel work, but it’s up to you as an app developer to design and build your database tables in any of the supported DB engines.

As I said, out of the box it supports only basic data manipulation through the API, but:

  • It is open source and written in the most popular PHP framework (Laravel), which means anyone who knows PHP/Laravel can extend it
  • It supports a module (plugin) system, so it can be easily extended and those extensions (modules) could be easily distributed. In fact, breadly.cloud is just a module for Breadly, no original files were modified in the making of that site :slight_smile:

It is built with App Inventor in mind, but in reality you could use it with any type of (front-end) application.

Also, with PHP/Laravel knowledge, by modifying Breadly, one could build a website for their app/service which would then share all data with the mobile app.


thanks for the explanation


I’m looking for a way to upload pictures from my APP to my own server / Raspberry.
Here I got no further-> Build a request for a WEB-API to upload photos #need help - #17 by TimAi2

Now I have again become aware of Breadly.

Can you help me? What do the Kodular blocks look like to upload images?

Sorry for the late reply. You can use Web component to communicate with Breadly, and it also supports file uploads, but only as an attachment to the existing row in the database table: https://github.com/avramovic/breadly/wiki/uploading

Set URL following the explanation linked above (/api/<table>/upload/<column>/<id>), then POST file to that URL: