Pick first 10 items from list


i want to make a list view in which i want to show only first 10 items of the main list

and than a button “next” bellow the list view

when button click than show next 10 items of the main list in the list view

how to do this

and please also provide blocks :sweat_smile::yum:

Please wait I will help you…

Thank you :blush:

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the blocks are not as i want

you make 3 different lists instead of one list

one can easily select one list from others but i want to chose particular 10 items from a list and when click on next button blocks select next 10 items from that list

which can shown in any list view extension

Slightly modified List_Picker_O.aia (53.2 KB)


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for loop block can help you, just set length to 10, and save every item to another list, so you will have a list which includes first 10 item.

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You can Use Firebase for it & Spreadsheet

Try This aia file:- List_Picker.aia (53.1 KB)

This is a complete solution of your Question

This is your solution

Probably yes but it is not made by you


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Yes i Know…

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