Picture in Picture mode

How to add Picture-in-Picture (PIP) Mode in the app ?

please someone guide me.

What have you tried so far?

Maybe it will help you:
:dove: Floating View: float your component. [FREE] :dove: - Extensions - Kodular Community

Use a canvas and add images to image sprites, using the z-index to place one on top of the other, sizing appropriately of ocurse.

It is possible to use PIP in App Inventor (probably Kodular too) but you need at least one extension.

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I know what PIP is.
He is calling PIP:

  • front camera and rear camera at the same time?
  • watch videos at the same time?

which one ?

watch videos at the same time whatever do in PIP Mode, suggest to look in youtube regarding What is PIP ?

nothing got anything related

I have 2 tvs with pip. Picture in Picture is an old feature on tvs

I think, you didn’t read my post.


could you help me make it for me pls Zee_Business.aia|attachment (19.8 KB)

Please don’t act as if you’re going to do any of the work yourself. Just say:

could you make it for me pls


Why not try yourself and ask if you faced any problem?