Pixel Paint - Drawing app using only circles

Name of App:

Pixel Paint - Circle Art

Describe your app:

Pixel paint is a different kind of ‘drawing’ app where you can only use circles to make cool and abstract art. So in a way you are building your art. Its fun and also relaxing as you don’t have to concentrate too much on drawing.


App Store/Download link:

Play Store - Pixel Paint

Extensions used:

A really big thank you to the creators of these extension as the app wouldn’t be possible without them and it has been my favourite app to make so far!
Dynamic Components by Yusuf Cihan
Alpha Dialog by Zain Ul Hassan
Floating view by Jarlisson José
KIO4 gradient by http://kio4.com
Component to Image by Jerin Jacob
and ofcourse Taifun Tools by Taifun


woah great!


Thanks! had a lot of fun making this, and the block version is coming soon too

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Great app @Saezy
But this…


Thank you for showing me this. I will fix this asap!

Edit: fixed, was a simple variable initialization issue, thanks!

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aia file ?