PkgUtils : An extension to work with Packages

This also fails with Companion:

So try to get rid of file:// in the path.

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Error with Companion:

An error occurred while parsing the project.

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This way it works

It is another extension

One of the best extensions developer


In your extension The block install app if i use then it will install app in background ?

No.It will open the package installer.

OK now i want to ask a question from you
we have to options of installing apps one is google play store and other is package installer is there any way that WE CAN create our own installing system that can install apps in background. See i am a noob so i did not know anything

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It is possible to do but is quite difficult to implement.If I do so then you will need root access and Administrator permission to install apps silently (without user’s interaction).
So currently you can’t do that.

Thanks @vknow360

Unfortunately the same: There was a problem parsing the project.
(APK → Galaxy Note8, API 28 / Xiaomi Redmi Note 5, API 28).

Can you please tell me on which versions it is not working?

The last one:

I didn’t mean that :joy:
Sorry…my mistake :grin:

I mean on which android versions.

As I said:


targetSdkVersion = 28
compileSdkVersion = 28
minSdkVersion = 19


Galaxy Note8, API level 28 (Android 9, Android “Pie”)

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A few more questions…
1.Can you post a screenshot of error?
2.Is Install App method working on other android versions?

P.S. after a quick search I found this on stack overflow.
If you get an error while installing the .apk saying something like "There is a problem parsing the package." it could be that you haven't asked for the read/write permission or the file you try to install doesn't exist or is corrupt.

Although I am not using same code but it can be a reason.

As I said:

No, you might also check this yourself. Here is my test app:

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Actually I can’t.
My phone runs on Kitkat and my father’s on Nougat.
And laptop has 4 GB ram which is not enough to install Pie on VirtualBox.

Maybe apk file is corrupt.

Then upload a apk here I can check it
I have a device with Android 10.

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Thank you @themaayur
I appreciate your help :heart:
But as we all know Kodular made apps can’t target Android 10.

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