Platform X - information between 2 platforms

Platform X

i create this app because other Q&As Platforms are mess.
for example lets say you are an ios app developer and you want to learn how to connect a database(firebase).you type and searched “how can i connect to firebase?”
then platforms bring you a lot answers.but connect to database is different for every platform. its different for ios xcode,for android studio different. and there are many developing platforms and all of them connecting to database differently.
so you have many answers but still you don’t know how to connect.
with platform X theres no this problem.choose platform1 " IOS " choose platform2 " Firebase " and you will see only questions and answers about these 2 platforms.

(platforms can be website,apps,any device,developer language or anything on internet)


App Store/Download link:


Good work . Keep it up

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Useful App. Congratulations @coffeefrominternet

Nice idea.

I just tried your app, I feel the UI needs to be refined a lot.

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