Platforms for publishing app

Please someone suggest me the platforms other than Play Store to publish my 1st app…

mit app inventor

I want to publish my app

Then publish!
:point_down:t2: :point_down:t2:

Can I publish my app made in kodular?

Hmm I am not sure.

I just want some traffic coz I want to show ads

APK pure is one option

My app is not publishing on apkpure
That’s why I am asking

Why not ???

You can store you apk into server too !!

Download you key store from kodular and singning you apk with software like App2Market

And after signing can I publish it on apkpure

u can publish from thunkable and mit app

:man_facepalming: yeah !!!
Why you don’t try first !!!

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But I think that I can’t get enough traffic in mit

apk also you can get from

Please can you give me the steps to sign it

Search in the community or google i’m shure you found the answer

simple as you sign in in kodular