Play console news app policy

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I need high valuable help for this

I am facing problem with this policy. My 3 live tv news app on play store. all streaming link are free available on web. If any know about it solution. plz tell me. I will give value for this


  • provide ownership information about the news publisher and its contributors including, but not limited to, the official website for the news published in your app, valid and verifiable contact information, and the original publisher of each article, and
  • have a website or in-app page that provides valid contact information for the news publisher.

this is the main highlighted guidance from google u need to follow this just if u r copy paste from any source than make a blogger & provide the blogger url to google and say i m using my website to getting news thatsa it…but u also have to provide the original source / authors website or article link…

I do it but reject

@hemantadahalofficial if you have solution plz give

Why not ask Google. It is their rules you have to apply too.

Because there are so many users who use Play Console and they have also faced this problem

Why do you think that?

Because this platform is for app developers and some of them are related to Playstore

Then you didn’t do it correctly i guess. Why not show what you have done else it will be a guessing game.

Simple answer is mail them and get your answer with 2-3 business days ok

In the discussion above, I told all of you that I have not been able to do this, if any of you or anyone else can solve this, please do not come forward otherwise. I did not find anything else about it, so I have put my question among you all.