Play Console purchasing error

Today I’m trying to create a play console
But I’m receiving an error
Request failed sth went wrong add a new payment method to your google account
Plz tell a solution

Their response is clear. You payment method is not accepted.

You should ask Google to help you.

What should I ask??

What payment they accept.

OK I’ll ask
and then see what will happen

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When I’m clicking on help it’s showing error
An unexpected error occurred. Please try again later. [1824216694]
What i have to do now???

My problem is not solved please tell me what to do

He has clearly told what to do

And I have clearly answered that help section is showing error

If someone has an answer to your question, then he will probably post it…

Sorry I can only point you to this site…Fix issues paying for Google products and services - Google Pay Help

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Thanx but the link isn’t opening
This feature isn’t available in your country

Try to use a VPN

What’s that???

which payment option are you using @Mandir
i think rupay is not accepted in Google

Virtual Private Network
It connects your ip to any other countries ip

I’m using Master Card
By the way my name is Manbir

i have purchase play console using visa but not face any problem on the purchasing

Ok I’ll try

But why is the error coming
Can I fix it??

show me please and i think there is the community of play console in google