Play store error SHA1

when migrating the app from my other kodular account after subscribing to premium, it’s giving this error when uploading the app on the play store


You uploaded an unsigned APK with the upload certificate. You must use the same certificate. The upload certificate has the thumbprint:

SHA1: CF:DC:51:36:4B:09:AF:52:05:BE:EA:B7:E0:A9:6A:87:65:83:38:7C

, and the certificate used to sign the uploaded APK has the thumbprint:

SHA1: 0B:08:15:C6:15:27:60:09:45:42:30:ED:96:77:53:53:25:43:DD:93

You need to use same SHA1 Certificate.

Do you mean that You have two accounts

Account 1: Free … You have already uploaded apps on playstore
Account 2: Premium … You want to use to update the previous uploaded apps created by the free account (Account 1)?

is that what you are actually doing?

yes that’s right, I had 2 accounts with apps from the 2 of google play but now I need to use ads and I can only use kodular premium and so I migrated the apps from the other account to the premium account

how do you do it

Make backup off both keystores, free and premium.

Now upload keystore from free plan to premium

P.S. don’t rename the downloaded keystore files, put them in different folder

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I have apps on both accounts if I do this can there be an error in the apps that are on the premium account?