Play store Upload failed, privacy policy required

When i upload my apk into play store i got that error how to solve that issue.
Please help me

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You have to add a privacy policy

is that a page where i write something, how i use user data?

among other things yes

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“A policy has or privacy policy is a legal document that sets out how an organization retains, processes or handles user and customer data. This is mostly used on an internet site, where the user creates an account.”

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is any problem if I don’t use this block in my app?

I don’t know for sure, but the camera permissions will always be requested, so it probably won’t change much

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If your app collects any type of personal or identifiable data, whether you intend to use that information in-house or share it externally, then you need to have an app Privacy Policy.

Both Google and Apple require that app developers develop and display a privacy policy, even if the developer is not planning on collecting sensitive or personal data.

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Use this generator it’s very easy to use and you get your privacy policy and even terms and conditions in few seconds :wink:
App Privacy Policy Generator
I tried it when i faced a problem like this and it was very useful i wish it will be the same for you :blush:

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Yeh, i am using it :stuck_out_tongue:

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So i think your problem is solved now, yes? :grin:

Yes, My Problem Is solved… but, i am just make a privacy policy page, after i upload to the play store than i can confirm you

I can confirm for you from now if you generated your privacy policy with exact data of your app then it will be surely published :upside_down_face: :wink:


Still Have Same problem

I made a privacy policy page, than upload apk to play store it still show same error. what can i do now?

sorry, my mistake i have to upload my privacy policy into a website than i have to share that link into play store.

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