Play welcome greeting on the main screen of the app

Hello community, in the app first there will be a “Splash Screen with progress animation”, then load the “Main Screen”, when that happens, a welcome message is played automatically (everything is fine here).

When I go to other screens and press the “back button” or the “title bar back button clicked” the welcome greeting is played again, after several times it becomes annoying to be listening to it.

What I hope is that it only plays when the app opens and loads the “Main Screen”.

Any ideas to solve the problem?



On Back Pressed, close the app. That would prevent replaying the audio. Also, do NOT open screens on BackPress unless you want to crash your app.


It’s because , whenever you back press , main screen gets Initialized every time (as per your block). Simply use Close Screen block instead of Open another Screen block to eliminate this bug.

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