Playstore App API LEVEL

Which api i should use to publish apps on PlayStore. min Api26 android 8 will not get more downloads?? right

Pls help me

Target API is set automatically. Don’t make your Min API high, unless you want to limit downloads to newer versions of Android. I usually prefer setting Min API to Android 5.0.

Thanks but i changed it to api26. what should i do now for default api

Just choose a lower API :man_shrugging:

ok thanks… got it android 5.0

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I prefer keeping it on the lowest possible. Yeah, there’s no material design on 4.* but at least it’ll work

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what do you mean " there is no material design on android 4"

Android 5.0 introduced Material Design. That is the sole reason I use Min API A5.0 for my apps on Kodular. Otherwise, you can’t really have uniform UI for your app across all devices. :slight_smile:

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GMail in Android 4:


GMail in Android 5+:


Bezels without capacitive buttons. HMMMM…

What do you mean?

In the images you provided, the devices have thick bezels and on-screen navigation. It’s okay on tablets, but the option to use capacitive buttons should be there. As for phones, on-screen navigation is a waste of space if you have full thickness bezels.

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I just googled them, find out the source and then contact them with your error report :joy:

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Found out, it’s from a random chinese website, good luck communicating with them :joy:

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I know a bit of Mandarin. :wink:
P.S. I use on-screen navigation on my own tablet (7.9"), for convenience, but on my phone, I don’t really like shrinking the 5.5" of available space. :slight_smile:
P.P.S. Of course, the gesture navigation is an option. It’s pretty cool.


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