Playstore app not showing

I find this app before today. but today I can’t find this app in play store. Play Console showing App published. but play store not showing this app. URL was not found on the server. Please tell me, What Happen?

Why are you censoring the app name? Is it a top secret?

Name are not a problem. there are many more app in play store by the same name.

Name could be a problem! Because censored app names makes us thinking of an earning app!

BTW, go to Play Console Android App » Click targeted app » Click three dot menu on top right » View on Google Play.

On Developer Console Web Click targeted app » View on Google Play.

You’ll know if your app is there on Google Play.


Thanks for Replaying.
You will see this is an Offline app, not earning app.

I follow this step but no result. Play Store showing item not found.

It means app is not there! Simple! Check if you’ve got any violation notice & if app has been removed. Moreover, you may like to send me the Google Play link of that particular app.

Good News Now app is come back. Now i find this app in Play store.

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Why are you censoring the app name? Don’t you want to advertise it in case some of us here want to check it out?

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