Please add offline test and compiler

I took a break from Kodular due to the problems that have been occurring recently. Please add offline emulator and compiler like app inventor

I think this will be better for all of us.

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How much will you pay for it?

If I wanted to pay money I would use a thunkable.

and my post is in the request section

So you want other people to use their own time, effort, resources, and money to make something for you?

Most adults are aware that very little in this world is free.

If i am not wrong he is not talking about a extension, he is talking about kodular make a way to compile/view while offline.

With all due respect, I get where you are coming from but it is a ‘IWant’ section. And Kodular is a bussiness/company with staff that hopefully do want to add extra services. There is no use in making a platform free, if that will be a defence to any suggestion or improvement.

Btw I don’t disagree with your first question ‘how much will you pay for it?’, that’s a valid question but the second reply is unnecessary.

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I know that. But it will still cost them money which he is not prepared to fund.

This is a thing that kodular has to think about, not us.

There is nothing wrong with asking for something. But equally there is nothing wrong with asking people if they will fund what they want.

If Kodular want to make it for free then it’s up to them. But few things really are free. They will need to make their money back and may do it by increasing their ad commission etc. Then people will complain about that.

So you are claiming that for every feature kodular introduces, we should pay them?

How much do you pay for using the kodular builder?

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They get ad revenue.

Don’t make up nonsense and attribute it to me.

The other day I gave feedback to youtube for changing some UI, guess what they rejected my feedback saying $1 million for the changes

In your profile it says, “Nothing much to say”.

Seems about right.

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We will consider this request as we do with all other requests. I will close this topic now as the discussion here seems to have breached the scope of what we deem productive.

But your suggestion has been heard and noted!