Please add support for right to left languages

Hello there,

I’m developing an app using your great platform and it contains information in Persian language. but every time I put text somewhere(like screen title and subtitle), it goes on the left side and makes the app look uncool. Could you plz add support for right to left langs?

Thank you very much.

Have you tried the RTL Support property on Screen1?

Yes I turned it on and the text was still on the top left corner.
Is there anything else I should do?

Are you using the companion or building the apk?

I’m build the apk and test it on a virtual android on windows.

Can you show how it looks now and what you expect?

Here is a screenshot. I try to move the text to the right side of the title bar

And how does it look on a real device for you?

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it looks exactly as it looks in the screenshot i posted. RTL is on, so the text is supposed to be on the right side instead of left.

Okay can you provide an apk to test it…
Or provide aia someone will correct it…

RTL support works on the condition that you are using the application itself and not the test live

I have the app installed on my phone and still nothing :expressionless:

Can You provide apk?

I managed to solve it myself. The problem occurred because my phone default language/region was set to English-US. I changed it to my own region and everything on my app went on the right side. However I think it should be independent from phone language because while one app might work properly after changing region, some others might malfunction. Thanks for all the replies :bouquet:

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dont used a stat bar

do this

used Layout


If RTL support is enabled it will only take effect if the device language is a RTL one.

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