Please Check My Application Smart Tube

is my application follow all policies of google play-store?
its a promoter application…

Please Help

I guess you could ask on a Google Youtube forum. They make the rules not we.


ok thanks…

You use google ads in app or not ?

i use google ads on back press

ok . There is no banner ads on screen or on any action?
Nice App please try to make its look attractive.

thanks bro

It is not allowed to use ads in combination with youtube.
And it is only allowed to show channels which are yours or the channel ownerr allowed it to you and gove you a licence.
And the name Tube could also be a problem (not sure but all words which can associated with youtube is not allowed.

Do you stop your videos and sound if a user change his app to another and do you stop your videos if the app will closed?

And a few other things you have to do if you want to show youtube videos in your app.
In 90 % it is not allowed to show any videos and channels to the user.
Your app does not earn money if you have youtube inside.

And dont use the word Youtube in you app desciption. Its not allowed to

ok thanks …