Please create Word (text) to HTML converter extension

please create Word (text) to HTML converter extension
this extension not found to kodular or google. the data has upload problem in hindi or marathi text in airtable database not store

this text writing by using google translator

change the category, it should be marketplace request category

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You can encode/decode text to overcome that problem

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I’m sorry, but I don’t understand what you’re saying. Can you tell us how we can encode and then decode the text or share its demo AiA file ?

See blocks below. When you save data to airtable that has hindi or marathi text use call Web1.URl Encode block and when you retrieve data from airtable use call Web1.URl Decode block

In my example I want to save Καλημέρα in Greek language (not supported) so I encode Label1.text and when I receive data from airtable I decode it . Hope that helps

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