Please Fix the Ad Manager Components issue

Currently, Issues with Kodular Google AD Manager is:
Banner : OverSize and Displaying the Same Ad & it is not auto-refreshing after a certain time
Interstitial : Ads are not displaying :frowning_face_with_open_mouth:

Banner Size & Interstitial AD & eCPM Floor: Can You please revert back to the previous Ad Manager Setting in Parents Account? :no_mouth:
There were Amazing Settings Adunit & eCPM Setting between 2021-Sep-02 to 2021-Sep-08.
Impression was high & Earning was Far better than Now. :hugs:

In think no one can solve this except Kodular Staff

you are absolutely right. But the purpose of putting this thing on the Community here is to share what is known about it with the rest of the Developers.
i Applied for suggestion and help, hope that Kodular Staff will rectify the issue.

You can also share your experience in the message of this post so that the it helps Kodular staff in finding the issue. thanks :blush:

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Please stop making the same kind of topics over and over again. You have 16 topics, and 13 of them are about ads. Please stop spamming and wait for the developers to create an update.


Sorry @deanart2012, I thought I am contributing to the community. please remove my useless topics but according to me, all were useful to the public I am posting issues on behalf of 3 proper developers, who maybe don’t have time to use the community but they requested & we mutually discussed the issues before posting. please proceed to info for more information. thanks :sweat:

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It’s best to create one topic and update that with new information or requests as and when necessary.

Any update on this issue. I really want a fix for the banner ad size. Because, I feel like it’s taking 25% or 30% roughly in my app’s UI.

Or will it show in a standard size if proper ( real ) ads are shown. I tested using companion.