Please Fix This Project App

NIK_GEN2.aia (82.0 KB)

when i export to apk, the app is crash. :frowning:

Sorry, but that’s not the correct way of asking for help.

What’s your project about?

Why not showing your blocks so people can think about helping you?

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Although I agree with you, in this case the blocks will not help you or him at all…

There is not much in the project it self except in one of the components (designer List_Picker1), there is to much Element from string there and the app can’t handle it…

@rasi_tech Try this one NIK_GEN3.aia (149.6 KB)

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Sorry, then! I’m not used to download aia from users, especially if I don’t know what it’s about.
I should take a break answering posts.
I hope everything goes well to him.


@Boban I agree with @Fabio , we do not want questions like “here is the aia, fix it”
generally we have a nice topic how to ask questions, see here

and from a screenshot of the blocks in most of the cases we might have seen the issue…

and in this particular case when the app is crashing, what about using logcat to find out more about the runtime error?


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I try to generate apk your aia file. and it sucessfully generated

not crash?

NIK_GEN2.apk (5.2 MB)

crash when i opened

well you should copy crush logs here in community

i can’t see crash log in my android

this community is not a chat … please read how to ask questions here…
also it helps to read and understand the already given answers
and it looks like you have overseen my previous answer

EDIT: you already have ticked the solution button…

so did Boban’s modification help or not?
It looks like everyone is wasting their time in this thread…



yes it helps, I’m sorry, thank you