Please help asap! error for project

Hello please I would be grateful for any help. So I just finished my app but at the end for one of my pages I copied the screen and then I got an error so I can’t export the project and for some reason I can’t delete the screen with the error I can’t even access it it says error and to report it that’s all. Please anyone help because this is a large project with many screens and I don’t have the time to repeat it as I have a submission date soon.


Capital letters are like shouting and shouting is not allowed so please change your topic name.

What error shown ?

It’s one of those errors where it shows an alert dialog at the top of your screen saying there’s been an error and lets you report it, but doesn’t tell you the error unless you go to report it. It usually happens with some sort of “Exception,” but I’m not sure exactly which ones… Possibly “IllegalArgumentException?”

Please no need to shout ! Edit yout title from caps to small letters. You mentioned that you can not export project. You can not export project as apk or you can not export it as aia in your computer ? If you can export aia post it here to check it.

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Oh :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: I don’t need that tip! I do fine with one screen!

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i don’t think there is any solution for it, as far as i know you need to make it again or you can copy other screens and import them in another project. a great tip for you, use one or maximum 2 screens in your project. it makes your app faster and smooth

sorry. i replied to you by mistake :sweat_smile:

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Can you please help me to solve the problem while exporting