Please! Help for FM 503 RFID MODULE

Hello everyone!

I am very new and need your help. I have FM 503 RFID Module. I want to receive data from this RFID Module with USB OTG, but I couldn’t understand how to do it. I need to send some commands from the application and then I want to list them in the application. Could someone please help me out?

Below is the documentation for the RFID module.

Is it possible for you to give me an .aia?

uart components

Thank you for answering. I am trying to use this USBOTG1. However, I don’t know how to place the blocks. Is it possible for you to provide an .aia example?

can u provide the aix file of “USBOTG1” components?

Thank you DamingJun. I fixed this but now I have a another problem. Data is coming very fast and sending incomplete when sending to google sheets. First, I wanted to store it in Tinydb and send the data one by one, but I am not very successful in this regard. :frowning:

u can use a variable to initialize it as an empty list, and then add the collected data to the list.At last save to Google Sheets

DamingJun, I did this but It still sends incomplete to Google Sheets. I wonder if I send you .aia can you take a look? Please!

sure.Send it to my email address [email protected]

I was going to use google sheets but I didn’t need it anymore. I want to control all transactions through the application. Can you help me?

New data is constantly coming to list 1 and at the same time it is saving to list 2. The one I need. The same text will be added to a list and write how many times it is repeated. If the product runs out, the quantity part will be “0”. Then, if a product becomes zero, I want to receive an e-mail or a message about the product with “0”.

I am very grateful in advance to those who want to help!

For sending emails, please use this API[Receiver]&subject=[Subject]&message=[Main]
I am very busy preparing for the exam, so I don’t have much time to spend on appinventor.