Please help me. Admod rewarded video ads does not showing in my app .

Just posting an image is not how we want you to ask a question.

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I actually don’t understand these users. They just want to earn and dont bother searching the community… @Peter, do you remember when someone said to hide monetization options until Trust level 3, yeah, you said you liked that idea. Do you plan on implementing it?

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I feel so bad when I put ads for the first time and keep asking in the community how to deal with those errors cuz I only think of earning. I even keep tagging those developers. And I realized that is really annoying (me).

So pls everyone, rmb the purpose of creating apps have fun, not earning.

That would exclude a large amount of users, so i don’t think it will be implemented.

Have you created your Ad unit ID recently? I mean is it new? If yes, then have a look :point_down:

Source: AdMob Error Codes & Logs - Google AdMob Community

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From my knowledge, it doesn’t take 2 hours, but around 2-3 days.

I don’t know much about ads rather not interested. I just posted because :point_down:

  1. It is from trusted source
  2. Hoping to clear user’s confusion over the error (if any)