Please help me create a chat system!

Simple_Chat.aia (10.7 KB)

I watched a lot of tutorials but they were not very useful.

I just don’t know how to do it!


Hi @windows_ubuntu, welcome to the community.
You need to say clearly, what have you tried, and what do you have problems in, also please consider showing your blocks , instead of giving an AIA file.


For a Chat app this guide may help you

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I do not know… The blocks I put only the essential, the problem is everything else.

Here are some screenshots:

Login screen:

register screen:

You need to know basics of all blocks.
Learn from kodular docs

AirDSocketIOClient Extension
Here is my extension which takes over the functions of SocketIO tha tyou can use to do a chat! !!

You have to configure a Node.JS server with Socket.IO and use my extension to link to the server !!! It works.
Thank you

Thanks so much for the advice! I’ll try your extension and let you know :slight_smile:

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