Please help me : how to call data when date match by airtable?, data will be shown in a lebel

how to call data when the date match by airtable?
data will be shown on a label.

send a block diagram of this.
if any free extension available please suggest it.

I want to make a Bengali calendar app.

I store in two row in airtable 1. English date 2. Bengali date.

in the block, when today’s English date match the Bengali date column data call automatically, and show today’s Bengali date.

if any other plan to show today’s Bengali show date , also suggest in reply.

First call both the two column in a global variable and then use compare texts block .

Easily you will achieve what you want

Also go through with this solution

Very simple.

I store in two row in airtable 1. English date (TYPE: DATE), 2. Bengali date(TYPE: SINGLE LINE TEXT)

Are you going to use a date picker or a textbox to put date in order to check it with airtable data ?

first i want to show bengali date automatically by english date picker.
its urgent

after that i want implement for custom date by using text box.

Can you share bengali date in text

One way I found is to store in airtable 1. English date (field type date) and 2. Bengali date. I call columns from airtable and save values to global variable then I use the following blocks. Modify code according to your needs and I hope the text I used in my example is a Bengali date cause I do not know the language :slight_smile:

I use google sheet
Try this ais Table_BanglaDate.ais (3.4 KB)

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can you send aia file?

good job but i want to get it automatically change day by day and show bengali date without do any think.

So you want to compare it with phone’s date ?

yes. or online today current date.

Replace Date_Picker1.Instant block with call Clock1.Now block. When screen initialize call data from airtable and then use these blocks


can you send screen for me. please…

All you need is here, just copy the blocks and I’m pretty sure that you know how to call data from airtable.

thank you [sugarlesscreator]
its work.
I’m modified with clock replace with the date picker

but when I delete button1 it’s not showing the date. why??
i hide the button. if any solution tell me.

also thank you [dora_paz]

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sory idont know how to do. try many times. bt not done. plzzz send

Since you already found your solution there is no point asking to send aia. You can use or modify the blocks that I showed you according to your needs

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Thank you
I’m trying
Use this extension to get data with filter.

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