Please help me i get a loop that i dont want

hello i work with firebase and the chat system. i get it to work but the problem is the i get a endless lopp with 1000 of msg will be showig in the chat view and i dont know why. I get the correct data from the chat but the one msg that i send to firebase with data and time will be displayed in a loop what is non stop add a new msg into the chat with the same text like as i wrote 10000 times the same text and press send. here my

Ithe chat view show me in a loop 10000 msg withb the last text that i safe into firebase
how can i stop that

give your aia because 35 error and 8 warning

You don’t need the AIA if you told a solution.

But lots of error so how I can explain him

this error is because i have a lot of not used objects in my block editor. and i dont gave away my aia file because you want only my work. i got 10 msg : can i have your aia for the chat?, i need the chat, i dont know how it works , please send me your aia , and each second word is come on brother. … here you have a solution to work with it and the tuturial from the developer. sorry if this sounds bad or so but here are many people what are to lazy to work and try it on her own and they want only take the work for nothing . sorry, i will not send my aia file to anybody. i have done a lot of work for my app. This Error have nothing to do with the working blocks but i deleted all error and still the same.
I dont understand why i have a loop and the stored msg are addingto my screen in a non stpü look like if a people write and you get the msg. I dont understand that. I worked around for a while but it dont work for me. Does anybody have a solution to fix my problem because the rest is working fine i can make 100 of chatrooms and all of this works with theese blocksbut the loop is a issue a big issue.

i have solve the problem thx for your try

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