Please help me to make a Steam Table application

I want to make a steam table application. I need extension file for steam table.
Can anyone help me?

You may want to what you tried so far. Elaborating more would be kind, too.


I want to make steam enthalpy calculator. Please help me.

Then what you have tried so far?

I want steam specific heat in kcal/kg by using steam pressure and tempoerature.

Can you please please post the blocks you have tried so far.

I need the thermodynamic steam properties extension

If you are trying to calculate a mathematical Questions from chemistry then it is possible without any extension with some logic and maths :wink:


Exactly. Always think of some way before using an extension

I want to calculate the thermodynamic steam properties. Like superheated steam enthalpy in a particular temperature and pressure.
I can’t find any default options in kodular math and logic part.:thinking:
Please help me.

You can show an example of the type of equation/expression, that you want solve.

For now I guess you can use Taifun’s Math Extension to solve some complex expressions.

(It’s just a random guess though as you have not provided any example)