Please Help Me To Upload Data On Airtable

Hello Everyone,
I have just made simple airtable admin pannel but there is something Problem.
It doesn’t support any other language than English why if i upload any data in English format it works but if i use any other language it doesn’t works but when i manually add data on airtable it supports other languages than English too ,
If there is any solution please let me know .

here is test admin, and main apk too GuidesNepalAdminPannel-1.apk (5.1 MB)
GuidesNepalListView.apk (5.1 MB)

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i didn’t try any other language yet, will try in my app,

yes i think we cant use any other language to send data from app, from its only support english or language contains alphabets.

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Maybe you could try replacing unrecognized characters.
You can do this from your blocks by sending the information or directly with an airtable formula.

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Is there any solution?

I know that sir , i want to add data from nepali language which isn’t possible.

nope, thats supports english language , i tried that with may different options, but its not saving other languages, i think api only supports abc, 123, and special characters send throw api,

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Ok thank you sir

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welcome i will keep doing my work on that if finds any solution, then i will inform you

did you encode and decode?

And you’ve tried to replace, I don’t quite understand which part doesn’t work.

i think decode and encode didnt work on other languages like hindi bangla urdu or nepali

hi i just check you can store bengali,hindi languages and some asian languages to airtable and get the text also. using encode and decode


ok i will try that an if works then inform you @himalayanxtiger

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yup its working, thanks and @himalayanxtiger you can use cryptography to encode your text before sending to spread sheet, and while calling decode that , and you will get your text back

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i used, as test i used it in my own project for test


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wow , i will try tomorrow :heart_eyes:

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sure it woking for me and for you also works

I am not able to decode it please help me sir ,

Send me your aia … i will configure that and check that