Please help me with an error!

I can not rename the Screen names…

And what do you mean by package name?

Update companion

I have 3 screens, the main menu, the quiz and settings. I can open the settings screen without any problems but the other screens are crashing.

@pakuc When I install the apk file and run it, the same probelm appeares… Without the companion…

Make sure you are using these methods

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@pakuc Exactly in that way I am doing that.

I am doing that wihout an procedure but in the same way

Can you show your blocks

the app is very complicated and has much code but I can do that…

It has been reported by several users that apps crashes with multiple screens, so wait for v1.4.1 instead before you start digging too much



Nad wheen the new version is coming?

When all bugs are reported and fixed then it will come

@pakuc the problem is I have written the code in German… You will not understand much…

@Boban already tell wait for update he is right you have to wait. if your project is working before eagle update then you have to wait

Try to wait 1.4.1 … lets see what they can do

Set your blocks correctly first open screen then close screen
your blocks are not set perfectly

I understand his concern… mine same error. It just a simple blocks… when button1 click do open another screen, then crash. But as i read some bugs topic and release note… maybe it can be solve in 1.4.1, and as i expect thier something incompatible components in the screen ur trying to open.