Please help me with creating this type of layout

Is it possible to create this type of layout in Kodular? If yes, please guide me in doing so.

Just use verticle layout, labels, cardview and image component. Its easy to use. You should think that how should these component be used.

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Directly, I just want to know how to place those buttons/cards/images on that blue header and how to place those buttons/cards/images side by side.

just see the algorithm, how they are set. The background is made of blue and white colour and set on verticle arrangment. Two cardviews are placed in one horizontal arrangement and so on…


Thank You so much

no problem.

Please guide me step by step
If I am creating this (1st image) in kodular, it is showing this (2nd image) in companion.

set the size of cardviews. Height and Width.

I have set them

I want to display the top 2 cards on that blue header

than dont give space on top

use percentage to set width and hight

eg: 25%

To overlay, as shown in the image, you can use the Animation component.
Place all the card views and horizontal arrangement within a vertical arrangement and make these vertical arrengements walk vertically until the blue image overlaps.

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Did You try what I Said ?

that will be not efficient as it will definitely give different layout on different devices

Yes it worked, thank you very much but I don’t know how to add the type of animation you are saying about. Could you please help me with that?

Try Animation Utilities Bounce Vertical Block