Please help me with this error, Failed resolution of: Landroid/support/v4/content/ContextCompat;

please help me with this error,
I didn’t do anything new and this happened:

Error from Companion: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Failed resolution of: Landroid/support/v4/content/ContextCompat;

If using phase extension then

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what should i do to fix this error?
only download and include in the kodular extension ?

Do you use that extension ?

Open your app in Kodular, click in the Designer , then Import extension, select the new version of the extension and import it. That’s all

I have never used the io.shreyash.phase.aix extension
Can you tell me why this error is in my application?

With the latest update extensions must support AndroidX libraries so either check for the latest update for the extensions that you use in you app or use Recast to make them compatible


if I delete all extensions from my application the error will disappear?

Why delete them ? If you delete them associated blocks will also be delete it


Post a screenshot of the extensions that you use in your project

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Uploading: 20210716_150840.jpg…

I use this extension only

Maybe the developer @Xoma might help you

I deleted his extension and compiled the application and the error persists, can you tell me why?

My extension does not depend on Androidx or support libraries. It is something else that is causing the problem.

And this component, do you have it in your app?


I say this, because here for me, only after I added it to my app, it started to give this error too…

If you are using it, make a test… remove it, if that will not harm your blocks and see if the alert continues.



I am new here. I am in a learning phase. I had the same issue of error. So when I delete the state_progress bar the error was gone. thanks for your suggestion

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esse era o problema, obrigado

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