Please Help me with This Response Text

Hello Guys I really have a big problem on me I hope one of you solves it out for me :smiley:
So the problem is:
I have been working on Firebase Auth and stuff (No this Problem is not based on Firebase at all)
So basically I used a block to retrieve information about a user, and I recieve it in a really wierd format and I am want to extract a piece of information from the large text, here is what i am talking about:

You see this large piece of text, Im wanting to get just the value of “email” and whenever I try to it just shows a blank with no value, this is the issue!
I recieved the text from JsonTools Extension and have used to get value of email but it doesn’t work,

1 Solution to this is if you guys can tell me a way to get value of a text (in this case “email” ) by using a text block, please find me a solution :frowning: I have been trying to find solution for weeks

You can use JSON Tools extension or built in Look up in pairs block.

I’ll give it a shot and see if it works :smiley:

im not sure what value should i put in pairs and key in the block can you help me?

i still need some help anyone out there?

Then give it a try with JSON Tools extension

not sure which block to use

ok i actally got it :smiley: i used the split block and segment text block which was it :smiley: i did it thanks for your support this topic can be closed :smiley:

Then close this topic.

not sure how to