Please Help on Extension Development

life.inventor.CardView (1).aix (18.9 KB)
I don’t extension development.

I want an extension same as this but with some more features.
This is a Card View Extension
At first, It will be in invisible state and It will be visible when it loads all images(example 10 images) from internet. (Like if youtube home page loads all video thumbnails cards at once)

Features or updates I want:
1.Cards should should load images one by one (Like youtube home page loads videos thumbnails all cards one by one
2.Custom Background color, Text Color etc.
3.And other features…

Any Extension Developer Can Help Me…

Something cool is coming from my side.
Fully customizable list view + some predefined type of list (like - Youtube, Facebook)


Waiting for this :grin::grin:

When is it coming?
waiting for this…
please update with a reply on this topic
upload extension on this topic

Why not just be patient. @Souvik_Bera will be happier to make his own topic instead of using this one. Maybe it is a paid extension, who knows. Like i said be patient.


may be its a paid extension

Wow, that’s really great news.