Please help sorting data from a Var into a list from firebase

hello i am having a problem with sorting data and getting it from firebase

i am using ( (google use id’s) = guid ) as a id for the app

when you login to the app the app uses a loop to catch all guid’s with in a preset list of conditions as shown in the pic with the orange border

now when you open the who is close to me part of the app the app must take the login id and compare it the the list in the orange block and draw all those ides into a (var) and then draw only the users from the pink table to populat the list view image and text

i can get them 1 at a time but i donnot know how to make a list view that can loop back and work throught the list grabbing each id from the var and then populating the products please can you help with blocks for this i am very new to kodular and i am begging for help please

I am trying hard to understand your query but still failing…

Which item you want in list view?

the app captures a list of all the users close to you Closetome in the orange block it then puts it into a var (so in the var there are all the users with in a 5km radius of the user )

the var is only for users within 5km and that needs to get all the data / add for the users only in the 5km radius the rest does not get populated into the list

so i login in spot x the add then grabs all users logged in with in 5k of me and overlooks the rest they are not grabbed into the var once that happen it can show user add for those users only

so you want to show only closemetome tag details in listview correct?

I know the firebase bucket in step 3 has not got the whole address i add it in to test thank you from responding so fast

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the bucket in step 3 is where i think a loop or some sore of thing need to go can you help with block or idias

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