Please help to solve this problem

Hello guys
I want to create app , where login member are seen only albums also inside image
but the admin can add new album and also add new images in all created album…
Please help me

How I create folder/album in grid view
How I create album clickable connect to inside images
How to categories albums images by there price weight category
How create admin page and member page in one app
How to categories albums images by there price

I will not suggest you to make admin app in the same app…

You can use firebase or cloudinary to store images and use dynamic components to launch them

And are you planning to make a image carousel?
If yes then
Search results for ‘image slide’ - Kodular Community

You can store them in a Database and with a for each loop show then with dynamic components

When admin login , how admin create new folder of image directly in app…??


Didn’t quite understand