Please how can i get my textbox to show full text from firebase database

How can I get the full text from my firebase database to show in my text box.

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Put data in format : "\"YourDataHere\""

Yes its in format ““yourdaahere””

I tried to get the text with this block

But it didn’t work.

Show your firebase structure.

Have entered api key and firebase url?

Yes i have entered the api key and url

You can not use " . # [ ] $ " these symbols in firebase database.

Remove them and try again.

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You might have got me wrong!

Here is an example to simplify my first reply:

Suppose Smart Bet Chat is containing data "Hello world! Coding is fun!" . So look at the sentence I put inside the tag. This way Textbox1 will only show Hello as a result. Other words will not be shown. To get the whole sentence, you must put the sentence in "\"Hello world! Coding is fun!\"" format.

Tip: If you’re having trouble figuring it out, you can post your database structure.

Thanks i will try this

Thanks, I tried this with this firebase structure and it didn’t return any value, what should I do?

Search Community for better help. Your app is getting not even a single alphabet from database and you’re saying to get full text. The whole interaction with you was confusing.

You’re calling Smart Bet Chat tag… Where the tag is in database?..

look at the first post, the Smart Bet Chat is there, i just use this last one to see of i can still get the write up but its not working

I can see that. But the tag you’re calling is not persist in your database. So how could you get some value?

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thanks, please can u show me how to call Smart Bet Chat here. i am new here

Search community please. Or you can learn firebase structure on youtube too!

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wow, i has

i removed this symbols and it work just fine


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